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to take on the atlanta falcons on sunday for the nfc championship game. >> to get you more news faster, let us turn to kron 4 solo reporter mike pelton. he is live at the niners headquarters in santa clara. mike? >> you can see the old post. goal psot . the team will go through a practice at 1130 this morning. then they will board a jet to atlanta to face up the falcons. that game is sunday. if they win the game they advanced to the superbowl. the niners lost at this point last season. the players and coach are hoping it turned out differently this time around. they are ready to go. >> last year we did not beat the saints. this one we took care of business. let us go to atlanta and take care of business and try to get to the big one and wind that one. >> i will pack a toothbrush and a great attitude and get ready to play a football game. >> the atlanta falcons are the top seed, but the 49ers are the favorite. >> when the sun comes up i will show you the progress because you can see better. >> it looks as if they have added more seats in the upper deck. still a long way to go before the
to atlanta. in hindsight what the heck. the play atlanta >> i do not care what you want to play here is who you are going to play. that is one game away from the super bowl. >> the same thing when i worked saturday night i would have preferred that to be the anchor. then i came in saturday night and had the custodian put things together for me. >> i was watching for you. my kids like sense when you watch football? >> i said it is for work. >> we will see you tomorrow gary. ok young lady. t. but att hillsilre frem, cm,kin. right ghon the tot aot the teatn roted teicesic it's why w everyveatchatf ouf rm rrmsed serkeyrk turns rnmeremeandwanh inh methmegg ...wait air itr .mes.mriziri.. methmegg ...wait hillhishire irrm.rmi.. methmegg becabee ite rth rting i feelfe more orinspirsp. . more preositivit [ male alennouncou ] o ]y liyn on adds fre fsh-pre-ped ted les to its itnew grw t tat ing inen drink nnkew lip ln and you y'll bel urprured ed how gre gat you ♪♪ ♪ new jobs are here, and by 2025, we could have millions more that demand qualified college graduates. many in
! and on the bottom. thousands of people gathered in atlanta to watch the peach drop at the stroke of midnight to usher in 20-13. we will be right back. the house of representatives are going to reconvene on a vote to pass the fiscal cliff... details, coming up. and new laws... even alameda county charging for paperbackg (male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> good morning thank you for joining us. top stories we are following the latest out of washington. voting for april but would keep texas from going up on most americans. the latest on the fiscal cliff. we are waiting for the house of representatives. to see if we can avoid the fiscal cliff and also watching the bay area weather. checking in with with your holiday forecast. >> happy 2013. clear skies and sunshine a bit chilly in the north bay. we did have some areas of a frost but that sunshine will stick around. 50s. this frees one in will go into effect and the frost advisory. freeze-- will go into effect-36 in santa rosa. we are no longer freezing but upper 40's in oakland. i will show you where t
. >> accounting is of the 49ers are gearing up to the is the atlanta falcons this sunday and the last hurdle on the road to the super bowl. i was as a bit excited all week in stores have been struggling to keep the no. 7 jersey on the shelves. a season ago the niners beat the new orleans saints and their playoff opener and lost in your giants in the nfc title game. at the jim harbaugh says the team has a better approach going into the title game this year. the niners will face the falcons this sunday at the georgia dome. at the game is at noon our time and we are asking for you to show your spirit and share with us. but all these great pictures we have already gotten an. i love the dogs! send them to is that breaking news at cracow or poems are kron4 facebook page. >> a live look outside and is a beautiful start to the morning. it is: should get into it though. sampras as those guys are clear and not bad thursday, we will be right back. [ womanom ] thi tis mis this iss my tey i feelfe more orinspirsp. . more preositivit [ male alennouncou ] o ]y liyn on adds fre fsh-pre-ped ted les to its
holds atlanta scoreless in the second. gore with the touchdown here to bring the niners within three. then david acres ties it up with a 38-yard field goal off the up right. his woes continue. harbaugh can't believe it. there's alex smith sitting on the sidelines. the niners with the drive once again and it looks like they were going to seal the deal. michael crabtree fumbles on the goal line and the falcons recover. the niners defense holds. the niners come back and score with this frank gore run. gore the mvp of the nfc championship game, final 28-24. jim and john harbaugh going to the super bowl, first time in 18 years that the niners are going. they'll try to join pittsburgh as the only franchise with six super bowl titles. two brothers will be coaching against each other in the super bowl. >> first time that's happened. niner fiver is still high this morning. we have been out live in the city talking to people who are still glowing. >> reporter: good morning. they can't believe it because 18 years is a long time to wait. now we have to wait a little longer, eleven more days unti
below zero. as bell is not even expected to get above freezing today. atlanta is at 46 degrees and cold air is sliding over to the east coast. the subzero cold as possible and milwaukee. the list could see -20 and even -30 in some places. the cold air will extend as far as natural as we have mentioned. even richmond va may be below freezing and each right will be lucky if they hit 10 degrees today. >> we have had a number of incidents this morning and most of them are clear. we're still dealing with the letter really slow traffic here. the nimitz freeway corridor leading into a free mind is that the ball the way into san leandro. 67 minutes drive time and it should be about 23 minutes. we're still jammed up leaving walnut creek southbound 680 coming out of concord and to 42. more slowing for the east shore freeway for the eat recent accident at ashby avenue. that crash has finally been cleared to the shoulder but it is still slowing the ride coming down from highway 4. the bay bridges once again a hot spot and the metering lights at were slowed to accommodate a stall of a truck that ori
. >> meanwhile atlanta getting a big christmas tree down from the roof of a macy's store didn't turn out as planned. big crane removing it broke leaving the tree dangling. the tree fell on to the roof of the store causing some damage. noll was hurt and firefighters eventually came to the rescue. >> taking a double live look outside james lick freeway on the left in the golden gate on the right. lots of sunshine and here's a look at our forecast with erica good morning >> good morning and a beautiful start to the day. again it is cold out there and you'll want to bundle up. still in the '20s for livermore and concord at 29 degrees. oakland is at 37 and 42 and sam and cisco. satellite and radar show high pressure is in control and is keeping all the moisture to our north. there is no rain associated with this storm in the bay area. expect partly cloudy skies later this afternoon and upper 50s in the south bay. san jose 58 degrees at 57 palo alto. low 50s and antioch and 54 for dan boyle and pleasanton. no. 8 mid- 50s expected here 56 in downtown san francisco. 7 day around the bay shows mi
provided plenty of excitement. the run ended the following week with the 20 to 18 loss to atlanta. and 2003 the 49ers came back from a 21 point deficit and had to hang on to get past the giants in dramatic fashion. 39 to 38. the divisional round that year and the san francisco super bowl champ john riordan tampa bay buccaneers. see married to would be fired a few days later and gave 49ers would not get to the playoffs to the next eight seasons going 46 and 82 over that span. led by the likes of dennis erickson mike allen and mike singletary. at all change with the hiring of jim harbaugh in 2010. in his first season he guided the 49ers back to the playoffs and a thrilling first round win over the saints. harbaugh did it again this year pushing all the right buttons with stock even though some of the decisions did not fit well with all the players. though smith lost his job through no fault of his all car buyers call to go out with collin kaepernick would seem to be the right one. now they are one win away from another trip down market street. >> very exciting. harbaugh was a great coach in s
against the atlanta falcons. >> i don't think they were too short i think they were jus/slouched >> gore said he was so focused on winning the game he didn't give his uniform all the attention he should have. he admitted he was wrong for doing so and said next time held the better. gore rest for 90 yds on 21 carries and scored two touchdowns leading to a 28 to 24 win over the falcons. >> in the bay area we have become familiar with kapernicking it's what palin collin kaepernick does after scoring a touchdown or something else where the celebration on the football field. now he wants a trade market. he did a lot of kapernicking and the playoff victory over the green bay packers which made it even more popular. kapernicking is flexing and kissing his right bicep. the quarterback as pilot application to trade market with the u.s. patent and trademark office. the application says he plans to use the term on clothing and espn sports. >> new orleans (laughter) the dugout for that, and facebook and sweeter and gary will tell you everything you ever need. [ female announcer ] this is a special m
is video after the san francisco 49ers one awon ovr the atlanta falcons. peopl >> this shows were people were arrested. >> sever cisco has had a lot of experience with this. they believe they are better--san francisco police they are better prepared. >> the bars were told not to serve too much hard liquor in keep an eye on customers if they are too intoxicated cut off the drinking. >> the san francisco police department plans to monitor the mission district. you remember the muni bus set on fire after the giants' victory. >> in they have about 100 to 130 officers working during superbowl sunday in going into monday morning. they will have as many as 400 police officers. back to you james. >> thank you will very much. it has been since 1994 that we have had a so-called victory it will be hard to contain the excitement. >> if we will keep you covered from the 49ers superbowl arrival in the northlandwew orleans. >> there is a news conference at 130. we have our news channel for the lastest news and traffic comcast 193 digital channel 4.. >> we have all the breaking news on kron 4 .com from
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10